Small & Exotic Boarding

Avian, Reptile, Small Pets, Farm Animals & More!

We board birds, bearded dragons, leopard geckos, mice, rats, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, ferrets, chinchillas, pigs, fish, hermit crabs & more! We ask that clients bring all food, bedding, housing enclosures, and care items, as we do not provide them. Guests will be housed away from all other boarding pets. We have a special boarding area for maximum comfort. They get social time and interaction with staff throughout the day and will be taken care of per owner instructions.

Boarding guests are charged by the night. If the guest is picked up before 1:00 pm, you will not be charged a day boarding fee, after 1:00 pm pick-ups are subject to a day boarding fee.

Boarding prices will vary depending on which services you choose for your pet while they are boarding. For exact pricing please give us a call at 864-882-6047, stop by to talk to a boarding attendant, or grab one of our brochures!

Required Vaccines

Please call us for species specific vaccination requirements at 864-882-6047.

Exotics Daily Routine

8:00 AM

Morning wakeup call! Each guest starts their day with a good morning check from staff.

9:00 AM

Time to clean all guest cages or habitats if needed. We follow owner instructions carefully and make sure all exotic pets are cared for.

9:30 AM

Breakfast is prepared and served (per the owner’s instructions). Guests are given their medication and supplements as directed. Breakfast dishes are left with the guest as long as needed.

10:30 AM

Mid-morning nap time! We play peaceful music and turn the lights down low. This helps provide a calming environment and promote relaxation.

12:00 PM

Each guest is checked on to make sure they have enough food & water and their habitats are clean. They get attention and love from staff.

2:00 PM

Activity & Enrichment period! All guests who signed up for these activities will be able to enjoy them at this time.

4:00 PM

Its dinner time! Dinner is prepared and served per owner’s instructions. Medications are given as directed. Bowls are left out as long as needed.

5:00 PM

Each guest is checked on to make sure they have enough food & water and their habitats are clean. They get attention and love from staff.

7:00 PM

Tuck in time! Each guest is secured in their condo and a kiss is given, if permitted! Calming music is left playing and lights are turned down as we say goodnight to each guest.

Special Needs Pets

At Seneca Animal Hospital, we are sensitive to the special nature and needs of pets who need extra care due to injury, disability, or old age. Our experienced staff and high boarding-staff-to-pet ratio enable us to keep a close eye on our pet guests who need extra TLC during their stay with us.

We specialize in boarding pets that are:

  • Geriatric
  • Un-socialized
  • Aggressive
  • Diabetic
  • Recovering from surgeries
  • Have medical conditions
  • & More