Animal Vaccinations?

I have a family member that has a nephew that is autistic. Given the news frenzy that vaccines may be associated with autism, we have had many discussions about her concerns over giving vaccines to her own son. Although not receiving as loud a voice in the media, these same concerns have also arisen around pet vaccinations. As a mother and pet owner, I can certainly understand wanting to do everything possible to ensure that your child and pet grows up healthy and happy. However, I am often frustrated by the misleading and often faulty information that is broadcast to the public regarding vaccination safety and health related issues. At SAH, we feel that it is our duty to bridge the gap between science and the media for our clients, so in this 3 part blog series I will aim to educate you on our vaccine philosophy and why it is an important part of a comprehensive medical plan.

Our view is that the good that is provided from vaccines far outweigh the potential risks. Vaccinations are a key component in preventing infectious diseases in your pet and decreasing the risk of exposure from other pets. They work by enhancing the immune system to recognize and fight off disease. It is important that we continue to vaccinate our pets to prevent the reemergence of infectious diseases that are now controllable. Providing preventative care, including vaccinations, helps to keep our pets healthier, longer.

In light of recent vaccine technological advances and research, SAH has updated our general vaccination guidelines for dogs and cats. We have thoroughly investigated the different vaccine products that are available on the market and have selected the safest and most effective ones for your pet. In my next blog, I will discuss these guidelines. I would be remiss to ignore the fact that there are some risks associated with vaccination; in my last blog in this series I will cover this topic. I hope you find this series educational and you come back for more.

– Dr. Shannon Majsztrik and the Staff at Seneca Animal Hospital

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