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Tammy Williams is a certified groomer with over 20 years experience grooming dogs and cats! Tammy joined Seneca Animal Hospital in November of 2017 and became an immediate asset to the team!

Grooming appointments are available Monday - Friday with most Saturday's. Morning drop offs are requested to be here before 9am, and afternoon appointments arriving early afternoon before 2pm. Pick up times will be determined by your groomer. If the patient being groomed needs sedation for any reason, the cost of the sedation will be additional.

Canine Grooming

Grooming is very unique and each breed has differing grooming needs. Each bath is essentially the same, the shampoo and conditioner will depend on coat condition and skin irritability. A thick coated breed might need a "blow-out", while a short hair, flat coated canine breed might only need a few minutes under the dryer. The toe nail filing and cutting can vary on the dog based on breed, activity, and growth.

Because we care about the health and protection of your fur-babies, the following vaccines are required for boarding and grooming at Seneca Animal Hospital, and highly recommended if boarding or grooming elsewhere.

Canine Vaccines:
- Rabies
- Distemper & Parvo
- DA2PP is recommended
- Canine Influenza
- (H3N8 & H3N2 Strains)
- Bordetella

Feline Grooming information to follow. Please call us for additional information on Canine or Feline grooming. Our normal office hours are Monday - Friday, from 8AM - 5:30PM; Thursday, from 8AM - 7PM; Saturday, from 8AM - 12PM. (864) 882-8747.

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